Self-portrait, 2016. I don't always look this serious. 

Self-portrait, 2016. I don't always look this serious. 

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Hello, my name is Tucker. 

I'm a journalist from Los Angeles with experience covering a wide range of topics. I enjoy working in fast-paced environments and integrating photos, videos, and other media into my stories. 

Having worked in a number of professional newsrooms, I've gained the skills to be versatile in my reporting. I'm just as comfortable covering the intricate deliberations of a public pension for Buyouts Insider as I am reporting on the funding of hard apple cider research for New York Magazine

Breaking news is my favorite, both through cultivating source relationships and from the diligent sleuthing of public documents. Whether it's sending a late night tweet alerting students to a campus shooting or publishing a 3000 word investigation a month later digging into that shooting's undisclosed gang ties, I find joy in uncovering facts that serve the public interest.

My work has been recognized by the College Media Association (2016 Pinnacle Finalist) and cited by major publications.

I am currently the 105th editor-in-chief of The Flat Hat, the College of William and Mary's award-winning student newspaper. I also serve as chair of the university's Media Council, which oversees $170,000 in funding for 23 campus publications.

In addition to writing, I also do portrait and street photography, and am interested in photojournalism. 

If you'd like to know more about me and my work, don't hesitate to email me at or take a look at my resumé.